Refilling Cartridges

We are now able to fill the following HP, Canon, Lexmark & Dell cartridges using a deep vacuum process:

Hewlett Packard
HP 21 Black HP 23D Colour HP 342 Colour
HP 21XL Black HP 23G Colour HP 110 Colour
HP 27 Black HP 17 Colour HP 343 Colour
HP 56 Black   HP 344 Colour
  HP 300 Black  
HP 22 Colour HP 300XL Black HP 350 Black
HP 22XL Colour HP 300 Colour HP 350XL Black
HP 28 Colour HP 300XL Colour HP 351Colour
HP 57 Colour   HP 351XL Colour
  HP 336 Black  
HP 78A Colour HP 337 Black HP 901 Black
HP 78D Colour HP 338 Black HP 901XL Black
HP 45A Black HP 339 Black HP 901 Colour
HP 15A Black    
Can 510 Black Can 37 Black Can 38 Colour
Can 511Col Can 40 Black Can 41 Colour
Can 512 Black Can 50 Black Can 51 Colour
Can 513 Col    
Lexmark and Dell
Lex 14A Black Lex 32 Black Lexmark 41A Colour
Lex 15A Colour Lex 34 Black Lexmark 43XL ColourL
  Dell J5566 Black Dell KX703 Colour
Lex 16 Black Dell M4640 Black Dell JP453 Colour
Dell T0529 Black    
Lex 17 Black Lex 33 Colour Lexmark 42A Black
  Lex 1 Colour Lexmark 44XL Black
Lex 23A Black Lex 2 Colour Dell KX701 Black
Lex 24A Colour Dell JF333 Colour Dell JP451 Black
  Dell J5567 Colour Lex 82 Black
Lex 26 Colour   Dell 7Y743 Black
Dell T0530 Col Lex 35 Colour  
Lex 27 Colour Dell M4646Colour Lex 83 Colour
    Lex 88 Colour
Lex 28A Black   Dell 7Y745 Colour
Lex 29A Colour    

Note that some Lexmark and Dell cartridges can not be refilled although they look the same as some listed above. These are those which are described on the label as "Return Programme Cartridges" and do not have the letter "A" after the number as in Lexmark 24A.